Sherwood Gardens

As a transfer, I'm pretty late to the game in understanding everything that goes on at Loyola. This week, my two friends, Amanda and Emma, insisted on taking photographs at some tulip garden. This week was the first truly nice week of Spring and I kept constantly hearing from my friends that this tulip garden is beautiful and that I needed to go. It was evident from social media posts that this place was a great location for beautiful photographs. Amanda and Emma knew what they were doing to say the least. We picked our favorite colored tulips and hopped from garden to garden. The gardens are only a quick walk across the street from school and ended up being filled with students and people from around the neighborhood either walking their dog, going on a stroll with their children, or just relaxing in the park with some food or a book. The weather was perfect and so were these tulips! Check out my Portraits under Projects for more photographs from their shoot.

This is a real "laughing pic"!